Life Challenges – Change Your Life – Now!

I love life challenges, often to my detriment. I’ve sometimes taken on more than I should – in fact that has often been my challenge – to decide on my priorities and stop getting sidetracked onto new and exciting projects.

Other things I know I have to focus on include taking care of myself – I love good food and I’m not so fond of exercise – you can guess the rest!

September the 22nd is a date that you may not think of as a special day. Yet it marks a very tidy annual milestone. It is the first of the last 100 days of the year. Even if you haven’t managed to achieve your new year’s resolutions you still have 100 days left from the 22nd September.

Watch what Gary Ryan Blair has to say about this in the following video. The challenge is on. Why not have a go and make 2011 the year you change your life.

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