Life Changes – Decluttering & Closure

This will be my last post on this site as I am working through a process of life changes for myself, de-cluttering in my mental and physical space.

I believe that to be good and authentic in what we do we need to ‘practise what we preach’. For me that includes making some tough decisions about what I need to let go of.

This post in itself is an exercise in officially letting go for me. I could just let this site slowly die (my future neglect and the internet will do that for me ) but sometimes to truly commit to letting go and closure we need to take action and do something. Writing this post is my commitment to closure.

This site represents part of my personal journey. It has allowed me to learn and grow. One lesson that constantly recurs for me is the greedy way I try to juggle so many things that excite, enthuse and inspire me. For me there is never enough time as I always take on too much. This represents a door that I am closing, but not locking, while I search for the next door that is ready for me to open.

Now I need to re-assess and develop the service  I am giving to more truly reflect where I next will take myself. I need to define a more effective and efficient channel and method to use my current skills, experience and time. As with all natural cycles, this will be a time of reflection to be followed by rebirth.

This site will remain live until Summer 2014. I am still around and can be contacted. Thank you for reading and following.



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