Self Worth – How Do You Value Yourself?

Self worth is often described as a measure of how much you value yourself. It is often considered as an intangible valuation, based on your feelings about yourself. How attractive you may think you are (or not), how clever or useful you are, whether people like you and so on.

Can you put a price on your head and turn your self worth into a tangible value? You may have read about the value of a stay at home mum calculated by the time spent in the roles she undertakes – nurse, teacher, ┬átaxi driver, confidant, house keeper – and how much it would cost to replace these roles with paid staff. What are you worth?

Self Worth – Time to Value Yourself

If you struggle with your self esteem and self worth, why not take a different approach and see what your value is to the world? First, consider your working value, if you earn money in a job, that is an annual value as a cost to your employer, but also the work you do will relate to the profit your company makes; so already you are adding value to yourself!

If you work for yourself and maybe business isn’t as good, consider either your business’ earning potential, or re-evaluate your business. Perhaps you’ve chosen something where the market is weak or limited? That is not a reflection on yourself – but your chosen business – and may be an indicator to reconsider your business idea to be sure you make your time spent working a valuable commodity.

If you aren’t working are you at home caring for others? This work is important and the financial value put on this is definitely under estimated, but it will give you a starting point.

Moving away from work, think about your relationships – your family, your partner and your friends and contacts. To each of these you represent some value. When you offer a listening ear you may be acting as a counsellor, other times you may be just a companion. Never underestimate the power and value of just being with people. Think about how much time you spend with others and put a price on it – I suggest you don’t start charging your friends for your time though as you may find your friends fast disappearing!

Increase Your Self Worth – Invest in Yourself

Whatever value you arrived at above you can increase this. We often talk about investing in ourselves when spending money on training or personal development. Adding to your skills through training or gaining experience at work is valid, yet increasing your self worth does not have to cost anything.

By deciding to add value to everything you do and your relationships you will increase your personal value and your sense of self worth. You will feel the pay back in response from others. Commit to get fitter, eat healthier, take more responsibility for your behaviour. All these things will improve your feelings about yourself and add value to you as a person.

In spite of all this perhaps you still feel that you have little to offer, maybe you don’t work at the moment, have few friends and have no dependants. You can still make changes for the better. Consider voluntary work or just making little day-to-day efforts . Imagine smiling at a random stranger as you walk down the street and the positive impact this can have on their day. They feel better, they work better, they’re more cheerful with others. Even this small investment of effort can create a positive effect, giving you something to feel good about and therefore improving your self worth.

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