A Different New Year – Time For Change

different new year celebration

Receiving an email from my local Thai Restaurant inviting me to celebrate a different New Year – one in the middle of April, reminded me once again of how a life change can be started at any point of the year.

We like to mark points in the calendar as special – birthdays, anniversaries, religious festivals – for various reasons. Not only does it mark the passing of time, it allows us to stop and reflect on special aspects of our lives.

Some of these dates are decided on by society, cultures or religious groups. Convention and tradition also mean we celebrate certain events.

Your Different New Year

If you made new year resolutions on your traditional New Year’s Day it is likely you will have failed in achieving your goals within a month or two unless you planned and prepared for them. So many people talk about what they want to do without defining proper goals and considering a plan to see things through.

As an empowered human being, responsible for yourself you can define your own special days. The first day of your major life change can be your different new year. First of all define what you want to change. Set yourself a SMART goal first. You then need to plan your change. What has stopped you reaching your goal in the past? Do you have a psychological block? Is motivation the issue? Do you need to book a course, join a gym or a slimming club? Will time be an issue – do you need to re-organise your schedule?

To ensure success you need to make things as easy and motivational as possible for yourself. Once you have done this you can set your start date. Mark it as special, celebrate it in some way. Make it your different new year and then get on and change!

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