There are many of us who tend to put others first. We unwittingly end up neglecting ourselves. This has a detrimental impact on our wellbeing, those we care for and our relationships.

If this sounds like you, you are likely to be a natural carer. You feel a need or desire to help others and struggle to make or find time for yourself.

Perhaps your circumstances have led to this. You have found yourself taking care of others due to disability, addiction or ill health.

Although we love those we care for it can lead to feelings of frustration or unhappiness. You could feel undervalued or unappreciated. Your life may feel out of your control. On a personal level, your self-worth seems to be shrinking or you struggle with lowering confidence.

Perhaps there are aspects of your life that you want to change. But you don’t know how to go about it. Do you feel a little stuck, unhappy or lost without knowing quite what the issue is? You feel trapped in your situation and cannot see a way out.

Be Can Do Life Coaching is all about helping you give yourself permission to change your life for the better. Your situation might not need to change, just your approach.

However, coaching isn’t counselling, so don’t expect to spend time dwelling on the past. Expect to work at moving forward in your life. Finding out what is right for you and taking steps to make that change you need.

Be Can Do Life Coaching will help you find a way to achieving or regaining a life that works for you. If you are committed to changing your life then Be Can Do Life Coaching can help you.

Life Coaching – The Be Can Do Approach

Be Can Do’s philosophy is about shifting your mindset from being obstacle focussed to a ‘can do’ attitude. It is about defining life goals that work for you.

My aim is to help you look at your life from a new viewpoint. To remove the blocks in the way to your happiness. To find that inner confidence and optimism and to lighten yourself from internal baggage that weighs you down.

You are on your personal journey. Coaching is about taking responsibility for your path through life and your wellbeing. You focus on the destination and take the steps you need. I will be your guide. Supporting you on your way.

Do you need time to work out what is the right thing to do?

Free Advice

Sometimes doing nothing is the right choice. There may be options to explore before committing to change.

Within this site, you will find plenty of articles to help and support you. Whatever stage you are at in your life and whatever challenges you are facing I want to be able to help you.

Why Choose Be Can Do?

We all face obstacles in life.

I am no stranger to facing life challenges and working through change.

I know what it means to live with other’s addictions. The manipulations and heartache that goes with the territory.

My youngest son is disabled. This means I appreciate how sometimes life can feel out of our control and become closed in.

Apart from caring for others, I have spent many years coping with other personal issues. I struggled with anxiety and put unrealistic expectations on myself. I undervalued myself, neglected my self-care and paid the price.

This finally caught up with me. I broke under the pressure. Using coaching, self-development and CBT I faced my personal struggle to work through and heal. I worked with coaches to face my personal excuses for inaction and had to rebuild my self-confidence too.

Many of my circumstances are the same as before but now I am a lot more at peace.

I know what it means to make tough personal choices. To face and overcome what may seem like insurmountable hurdles.

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