Be Good To Yourself

My latest personal slogan is ‘be good to yourself.’

As we head to the end of the year, with the days getting shorter and colder here in the UK, I am finding myself feeling tired and ready for a break.

Yet I still push myself to get everything done; Christmas bringing its extra workload, no matter how low-key I may try to keep it.

Aside from the Christmas preparations, I know my diet is not ideal, I could do more exercise and I need to make sure I get enough sleep. Part of me is ready to admonish myself for my actions, once again criticising and not helping how I feel about me.

By reciting ‘be good to yourself’ before I make various choices – eating that piece of cake, piling too much on my plate at the pre-Christmas do, I can focus on the choices I am making.

Choices and actions often have consequences, and by stopping and thinking about this, and not mentally wrestling with my conscience as to whether I should or should not do something, I am rationalising and detaching my emotions from my behaviour.

Of course this does not stop those mince pies looking lovely, all crumbly soft sweet pastry and rich fruit. Nor does it stop the thought of the pleasure in enjoying a warming glass of deep red wine with friends.

The nice thing about considering if I am being good to myself is that, sometimes having a mince pie and a glass of wine is OK. In fact, time off is very important. Being good to yourself means allowing yourself to be sensible, use moderation, but still enjoy life.

This approach helps you consider the overall picture of caring about yourself first, rather than analysing your every action. Thinking about the overall picture helps me consider each day and how well I have cared for myself.

My advice? Be good to yourself.

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