Be More Organised: 2,175 Useful Tips

Looking for ways to be more organised?

If you struggle to get everything done that you want to (who doesn’t!) then you will appreciate any help you can get to organise your life better.

Does your to do list never seem to get any shorter? Do you wish your family could be more organised? Do you find yourself searching for that bit of paper or constantly moving piles of stuff around the house?

As a very busy person myself (I have to confess of often taking on far too much!) I appreciate any tips or advice that can help me to lighten my load. In my search for ways to help me be more productive and ‘streamlined’ I’ve recently discovered Maria Gracia’s series of ‘Get Organized Now’ products and one in particular I love is ‘Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home’.

As a personal organizer Maria has loads of experience and really useful advice and tips to help you both in your work and at home.

I pride myself on being reasonably organised but I am far from perfect. ‘Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home’ has given me some new tips and strategies to try, particularly related to how to ‘manage’ other members of the family who don’t necessarily have the same goals in mind as me!

Have a read about what others have to say about ‘Finally Organised, Finally Free’ to make up your own mind, although I challenge you not to find many useful points, even for those who think they know how to be more organised already.

If you are concerned that this is just another churned out e-book of a few pages then I can assure you it is  not. Within this book there are 85 chapters, over 400 pages and 2,175 practical tips to set you on your way. Even if you are already pretty organised (like me 😉 ) I am convinced that you will still find something here for you to make your life better and help you be even more organised. One particular aspect I love about this in comparison to other books and products is the way Maria has real life problems and solutions scattered throughout the book. You know you need to declutter but what do you do when your husband is a prime culprit for accumulating junk? How can you get your teenagers to cooperate with you?

This book won’t work miracles – but it will give you lots to try to help you improve your life and be more organised straight away.


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