Change Your Life in 5 Steps

babys first steps

We learn to walk as a young child  and those first steps are not easy, but we persevere. If you want to change your life taking the following 5 steps may be as hard as those first few steps you took as a child. The problem is now you have many preconceived notions about whether you are able to walk and many excuses to say why you cannot, metaphorically speaking.

  1. The first step is to define what you want in life – pull together your vision. What is it that will make you happy, content? What do your really need? ‘Things’ are unlikely to be at the root of your real happiness. Of course, some things do help to move us towards our goals, for example, transport to get to work when living somewhere isolated or the right clothes for an interview are possibly important when your goals focus on work.
  2. From your vision you can turn these ideas into something practical. Call them goals if you want. These needs to be clear (SMART) and this up front preparation can be the toughest bit. I know I constantly question my goals and wonder if I’ve got them right, whether I’d like to do something else or even question if I am just trying to do too much.
  3. Once you’ve got your goals you need to think about how you are going to meet them. This is not only about practical planning but consideration of your mental focus, your determination, your tenacity.
  4. Having a plan that covers all aspects of achieving your goals is great but if you don’t have the self belief or cannot keep up belief in the goals that you want to reach how can see that plan through? This also means ignoring those that put you down; those stuck in their own little ‘can’t do, won’t do’ worlds.
  5. Finally you need to get on with that plan and see it through. This is where your staying power kicks in. This can be the hardest bit, especially if results are slow or you are trying to break bad habits. Time to focus on the end results, the goal and your vision.

So there you have it – 5 steps to follow to change your life. What’s in your way apart from you?

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