Clear The Clutter

clear the clutter

Do you need or want to know how to clear the clutter in your home or your life?

Would you love to start living a more organised clearer life?

Are you surrounded by things that serve no purpose in your life and get in the way of the things you need?

Do you constantly feel overwhelmed and does it get you down?

Email overload, piles of magazines and useful information, kitchen cupboards that won’t shut, children’s activities that have us running from one side of town to the other after school, indigestion and piles of laundry all have one thing in common. They are signs of too much going on in our lives.

As your home is reasonably tidy you may think that your life is clutter free. Yet modern life with all its baggage is insidious. You rigorously throw things out, organise your life and work hard to make sure that you stay in control.

However you can almost guarantee that in at least one area of your life there will be clutter accumulating.

Apart from emotional baggage it may be the difficulty you have in saying no when people ask for your help. Before you know it your diary is too full and you lose sight of your own priorities.

How to Clear The Clutter In Your Home and your Life

To move your life forward when submerged in clutter, be it time, things or negative emotions, makes progress difficult if not impossible. Consider trying to wade through thick mud or snow and you can get an idea of what it is like. If you want to feel free and make progress you must clear the clutter.

Another view is the old proverb of finding a needle in a haystack. How can you see your real priorities clearly when surrounded by so much ‘noise’?

There are various methods and techniques you can use to remove this excess from your home and life.

To regain control in your life and see things more clearly you will need to define your priorities, or decide what you want to keep. This can be activities, things, people or even emotions!

Then slowly and methodically you can clear the build up of clutter that you have accumulated over the years. Take one step at a time. If you want to clear the clutter in your home, work on one room at a time. If that is too much, focus on one section or aspect at a time, such as, a set of drawers or a pile of paperwork.

At this step you either give away or throw away the unnecessary stuff. For activities this equates to dropping or delegating them. With people whom you can see no way of resolving issues with, gently detach from them.

Thirdly you will need to set up systems to ensure that you do not end up with the same problem again. A place for everything and everything in its place is one approach I like to use to avoid building up stuff in my environment. For activities consider this as ‘a time for everything…’ instead.

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