Disc Personality Profile

A DiSC personality profile is a quick and effective way to get a great insight into the way you tick, particularly if you are seriously considering a career change.

Disc profiling theory was developed in the early 1920’s, by the American psychologist William Moulton Marston to explain people’s emotional responses. A disc personality profile is based on four personality factors (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) from which DiSC takes its name.

Initially used by the military for recruitment it was soon adopted by mainstream recruiters and is still used by many today.

Online DiSC profiling provides a cost-effective personality profiling solution for anyone to help them understand not only their working style but how they react and approach their home and social life, what motivates them as well as many other aspects of their personality.

What type dominates your personality? Do you find yourself always taking charge, possibly at the expense of other people’s feelings? Do you tend to be ambitious and competitive? This is typical of a Dominant type personality in a disc profile.

The Influencer is more of a sociable and gregarious person, someone who likes attention and can feel hurt easily.

Steady people are warm and personable, they tend to dislike change and can be good listeners rather than talkers. Finally the Compliant types are those that can be relied upon to make sure tasks are done. They like order and are good problem solvers.

Obviously you will not just slot into one of these types, but will be a blend of several, with one or two characteristics being stronger than the others.

If you are unhappy in your work and would like to understand why things aren’t going the way you would like, or perhaps you are considering a change of career as a way of improving your life but don’t know where to start then a disc personality profile will not only help you get to know yourself better but will give you and recruiters a thorough, detailed and well recognised report as a place to start your career change.

Disc profiling will also give you a great and detailed profile of yourself to help you understand yourself and your interaction with others better – helping you improve your life whether you change career or not.

Discover your disc personality profile today.

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