Fake It to Make It

When I first heard the expression ‘fake it to make it’ I could not accept it. To me, the idea of presenting a false front went against my personal values of honesty and integrity.

I saw it as pretending something is real to achieve success. Dressing in expensive clothes, living a lavish lifestyle and spending money may create the impression that you are rich, but it is not going to make it become reality!

The Law of Attraction may be interpreted incompletely as a ‘fake it to make it’ scenario, and I am sure often is. The principles popularly summarised about the Law of Attraction are, that by thinking hard enough about what you want, you will eventually achieve your dreams.

Yes, this can happen, if the external circumstances work in your favour and you put the effort in. There is no magic. At the moment we are all affected by a deep, international recession. No amount of visualisation will create jobs, yet taking responsibility for yourself, persisting in a search for work, will help you increase your chances, with no guarantees. That is a more complete interpretation of the Law of Attraction.

What does ‘fake it to make it’ mean? The original expression is attributed to boosting confidence; by acting confident you will start to feel more confident, hence it becomes real.

Consider how you view life. Whatever your view, that is your reality. It is unique and neither right nor wrong. If you are finding aspects in your life difficult, based on your views, then using ‘fake it to make it’ can help. Situations demanding confidence, a more cheerful outlook or calmness are all good contenders.

We cannot always control how we feel but circumstances may demand that for the good of ourselves and those around us, we present a different face to the world. By letting go of pre-conceived notions, allowing ourselves to view things in a different way, we can become more balanced in our outlook.

This does not mean denying reality, but just accepting that we all develop viewpoints based on our experiences, and allowing ourselves the opportunity to change our position, to fake it to make it’, we can see things in a new light.

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