Gap Analysis Template

stepping stones

This Gap Analysis Template is for personal development and is not to be confused with the one used to rate items as Good, Average and Poor.

Quite simply, you can use this exercise as a way of identifying where you are now – your current reality or situation, whether it is aspects of who you are or areas in your life – then consider where you want to be, your goals, and then identifying  the high level things you need to do, or steps you need to take, to get there.

It is your way of identifying your stepping-stones to a better life.

To complete the exercise download the Gap Analysis Template here.

How to Complete the GAP Analysis Template

Complete the first column with issues that you would like to remove from your life or things you would like to improve. Consider your priorities, how satisfied you are with the different areas of your life to get an idea of areas that need improving. By considering your priorities and each aspect of your life you can find the specifics of what is wrong, out of balance or underdeveloped. Consider the area where you are most dissatisfied first. What is making you dissatisfied in this area? For example, you may recognise that your social life is pretty non-existent and you would like to change it.

You can then complete the second column with how you would like things to be, your improved self or your ideal life. How would things be if the problem in the first column didn’t exist? What would be the ideal situation? Using the social life scenario identified above you could put I want to be mixing with a group of friends at least once a month.

Finally, the third column is to be completed with the high-level summary action you need to take to meet your ideal identified in the second column. What could you do to change things? Don’t worry about detail here or even if or how you will achieve it. You will clarify this in your action plan once you have defined your SMART goals. High-level thoughts to go in here could be ‘find and join a local social group’ or ‘network online to find others with similar interests’.

Using this gap analysis template is ideal if you want to have a quick think through areas of dissatisfaction in your life.

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