Get More Done Each Day

Get More Done Each Day With These 7 Steps

Do you find yourself stressed out because you need to get more done, but seem to have so many things to do? Work tasks, things to do around the house, family activities, never mind thinking about some time for yourself!

How can you get everything done?

These seven steps will help you get more of what you want done each day:

1. Consider “balance.” After getting the right amount of sleep you are awake for about 16 hours a day. By dividing your waking time into percentages or fractions and then following this plan you can get some balance in what you want to get done.

  • For example: “Tomorrow I’ll work half my waking hours,  I’ll spend a quarter of my time with my family and I’ll clean the car in the rest.”

2. At the end of the day, think about tomorrow. Before you go to bed, plan for the next day. By thinking ahead, being realistic and mentally preparing, you don’t feel so overwhelmed when it arrives.

  • What appointments do you have? For how long?
  • Think through which tasks you will work on the next day.

3. Write a to-do list. A list of things that you want to carry out enables you to collect those scattered bits of thoughts that you keep going over and over in your mind. With a list, you can focus better on each task as you do it and not be distracted by details of many tasks.

  • You’ll feel less stressed when you have a list. As you complete items on your list  you feel great and this motivates you to continue focusing on your tasks.

4. Write your long-term goals down. Tack them up where you can view them as you plan each day. Try to include some tasks that will work towards the eventual completion of your overall goals.

5. Avoid overwhelming yourself with too many tasks. Circle the three tasks on your list that are the most important and start on them early in the day. Ensure that you do these priority tasks.

6. Be realistic about what you can get done in the specific time. Don’t set yourself up for failure or give yourself too much to do. Divide larger projects into small tasks, which will also help you be more accurate with estimating how long things will take.

  • For example, instead of planning, “Redecorate the bedroom” you could create a list of tasks such as, “Decide on colour scheme for the bedroom, plan painting schedule, buy paints for bedroom .”

7. Check your progress throughout the day. If you take longer on a task than originally planned or do something else as well, consider how this will affect your original plan for that day and its impact on your goals. Be decisive about whether to continue or move on.

Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy greater success in your goals in life. Achieve the successful results you seek as you make more time to do what you really want to do!

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