Goal Setting and Objectives

  • Are you clear on goal setting?
  • Have you defined your goals and objectives?
  • Do you dream of a better way of living?
  • Do you have an idea about your  goals but struggle to achieve them?

If not, even if you do or feel that you are doing quite well, chances are without clear life goals you will tend to just drift through life and not achieve your full potential. Reality is that so many of us harbour a dream of a better life. Often we know that there are things we want to change or know we need to do something about them yet for some reason we continue drifting along with our old habits, doing nothing about it.

Ask us what we want out of life and how many of us would say I want to be happy, successful, rich…

There is nothing wrong with these desires, but that is all they are, desires. Unless you take the next step and clarify them as clear SMART goals you will never have a focus to work towards.

This step in your personal development journey can be broken down into three smaller steps, firstly work out what will make you happy based on who you are and what you believe, then analyse the gap between where you are and where you want to be and finally create your personal life goals.

There is little point in creating your goals only to find that they weren’t really what you wanted in life or believed possible.  A typical example is many people’s tendency to say they want to be rich. Yet, this can come with a price or perceived price or it may just not give you the personal fulfilment you envisaged. Working the process this way will ensure an objective approach, meaning that measured decisions are made and you then make the right choices for yourself.

Ways To Be Happy

If you have good self awareness you are in a good position to understand what you really want from life. Have a go at this ways to be happy exercise to get to grips with what would be your ideal or dream life. This exercise is designed to get you thinking about what is really important to you and ties in with the work you may have done on your personal values and priorities.

Gap Analysis

You now know what you want and you know what you’ve got (use the life satisfaction tool if not already completed) so by completing a Gap Analysis chart you can see where the gaps are between your reality and your life goals.


The final step is to create your SMART goals. Once you have done this you will have a clear idea of what you want and when you want it. All that is left is to start making those changes through your personal action plan!

What’s Next?

If you’ve completed all the steps so far then you should start to notice some change  in your life over the next couple of months.

However if you find yourself struggling to set your goals and objectives then feel free to contact me for some support or alternatively let me help you devise and assist you in completing your own personal development plan and work with you as your life coach until you are ready to continue on your own.

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