Happiness and How to be Happy

If you want to understand happiness and how to be happy you should consider if you have found your life purpose and whether you are living true to yourself. Once you understand yourself and what is important to you, in terms of values and priorities, it is a lot easier to work out what your ideal life would be like.

Learning to accept what is beyond your control is also very important if you want true happiness.

None of this is simple and can take a bit of work. Get to understand your personality better  and consider your personal values first as without a clear understanding of what makes you tick you will struggle to be clear about what you truly want or need in life.

Money is a typical example. Yes, not worrying about money is a great way to improve your happiness but your real need may be learning to let go of your fear of poverty or just accepting what material possessions you truly need instead.

You will be unusual if you have never stopped to think about what your ideal life would mean to you, to have not fantasised about winning the lottery or never having to work again. However it is quite likely that you consider this just an idle fancy, a pointless dream and therefore beyond reality.

True Happiness and How to Be Happy

There are several ways you can go about this and the method or methods you choose will depend on what appeals to you.

Stretch Your Imagination

These exercises are all about stretching your imagination to allow yourself to suspend some of your limiting beliefs.

By doing this you start to open yourself to new perceptions, seeing potential opportunities and allowing yourself to grow. Typical ways you may limit yourself include saying things to yourself such as ‘I’m not clever enough’ or ‘that sort of thing only happens to other people’.

By restricting yourself in these ways you automatically exclude all sorts of possibilities and opportunities in your life and limit your potential growth.

However if you remove all your boundaries you are more likely to give yourself room to grow, to allow yourself to move towards and maybe, just maybe, to live the life of your dreams.

Whatever method you choose the only rules are there are no limits and it should be fun!


One method for working out your ideal life is visualising yourself living the life you want. Allow yourself time to be relaxed and just let go and imagine living your dream life. Use your senses to take yourself into a day in your ideal life. See, hear, smell, touch and taste it in detail. You are laughing and enjoying yourself – what are you doing?Who are you working with? Are you working? Perhaps you are alone and being creative. If you struggle with a detail leave it ‘blurred’ and move on. Come back to it at another time.

Write It Down

By writing things down we are more likely to commit to them. Writing down your vision of your ideal life may help you to believe in the possibility of it occurring. It will help to reinforce it in your mind. You can then refer back to your notes to help refine your dream if you so wish, or remind yourself of what you want or use it to help you complete a Gap Analysis or your SMART goals.

Try to write a list of 50 ways to be happy. Do you notice any themes occurring?

Create a Treasure Box of Your Future

If your are quite artistically inclined or like a more hands on approach you can either build a noticeboard or a scrapbook with images and things that represent aspects of other ways to be happy. You may like to include pictures of the car you would like, the house you would like to live in to drive or places you want to visit.

A fake cheque made out to yourself may represent the income you want to focus on. A photo of an athlete may act as a reminder of your desire to live a long and healthy life.

You don’t have to stick to pictures; a dream box could hold little items that trigger thoughts such as sea shells because you want to live by the sea or a CD of favourite music or inspirational speakers may be what works for you.

Have you understood how to be happy and how to find that elusive real happiness in your life? You are only limited by your imagination and self belief so get started today on changing your life for good!

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