How to Gain Self Confidence

If you want to discover how to gain self confidence follow these self confidence tips.

Confidence and self esteem, although linked are different things. Confidence is your belief in your ability to do things while self esteem is your view of your self-worth.

Check your self esteem levels and learn how to build your self belief first as with low self esteem you will struggle to raise your confidence levels.

Once you crack the issues of self esteem you are well on the way to great confidence.

So what are the secrets to great confidence? There are three major self confidence tips that will teach you how to gain self confidence.

Be Confident

The first of the self confidence tips I want you to focus on is to live and breathe confidence. This is the key to understanding how to gain self confidence. Confidence and self esteem are states of mind. Whatever you think of yourself will impact your level of esteem, what you think of your ability to do things will impact your self confidence levels. The important thing to remember is that you will become more confident if you think and act confident.

It is normal to feel nervous or lacking in confidence sometimes. You may know people who always seem confident. If you ask them you will find that even they worry sometimes.

The difference will be that they have that inner self belief that they can achieve with the right effort. They will act confident as that helps them to feel more confident. They know how to gain self confidence in new areas by considering their past achievements, talking to themselves and acting the part. You can do this too.

Practise, Practise, Practise

One of the most obvious of all self confidence tips is to get familiar with what you lack confidence in.

When you know your facts or have the right skills, you feel comfortable about it as you have the information or experience you need. It is much easier to be confident about something if we know our subject.

So do your research, study your subjects, practise, learn about the environment or possible outcomes of whatever it is you are doing or want to do.

If you want to try something new build your skills, take training. If you recognise a weakness in your skills, get help!

If that means practising or rehearsing either by yourself or with someone else then do it! Knowing that you have learned as much as you can and prepared as well as you can in your time-scale will help you feel a little more confident.

Time to Gain Self Confidence

You will have skills and talents in some areas but struggle abysmally in others. Be honest with yourself and recognise your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Work with your strengths, improve on your weaknesses but accept yourself for what you are capable of.

Be your own best friend. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. Mistakes give us the opportunity to learn, improve and to face a situation with more confidence in the future. Focus objectively on what went wrong, what do you need to improve and how are you going to do it for the next time? Detach from the situation and don’t make it personal. You are human and entitled to error sometimes!

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