Is Time Running Out? Goals and Deadlines

Is time running out for your goals? Are you hitting your deadlines?

The 22nd September marked the start of the last 100 days of the year. Part of me hates counting days but it is in our human psyche to be aware of the passing of time, our mortality and the finite time we have in this world. Learning to accept this fact of life is important. Accepting it as out of our control, even more so.

Is time running out for you? In a sense, yes, it is running out for all of us, but if you are happy and content with everything in your life and your personal achievements this may be a moot point. If however you want to change and improve your life, then you need to consider your goals and whether you are on track to complete them within your deadlines.

You may consider setting goals with deadlines a too rigid way to run your life. Work pressures may already enforce heavy schedules and tight time-scales. If you are committed to making real change in your life and as yet little has happened I urge you to re-consider.

True commitment requires dedication, overcoming adversity and sticking to what you set out to do.

Ask yourself if you are committed to personal change? If you set New Year resolutions in January and you have not achieved them as yet (nor look as if you will by year-end) and if these are resolutions you have made in earlier years, then you need to question your commitment to change.

Today, 1st October, marks the start of the last 3 months of the year. We are three-quarters of the way through the year. If you have set yourself a deadline for a goal then it is time to take action. If you want to improve your life then start today.

If you are reading this and it is not the 1st October, this is still relevant. To make change in your life you need to take action today, now. Tomorrow is no good. How may times have you delayed, postponed or procrastinated in the past?

Is Time Running Out? Are You Up For a Challenge?  Become more accountable, more committed and start to see results in your life. Most importantly, do it today.


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