Life Coaching Prices

There is a belief that the cost of coaching should reflect the value gained from the process. And that does make sense. If something has little value to us we tend to dismiss it. Yet, when something in our lives comes at a high cost we tend to treat it with respect as we feel we have more to lose.

This cost can be financial, time or effort based. Ironically, this can be why we hold onto unhappy relationships, careers and belief systems. If we’ve invested a lot of time and effort into something we can be loathe to let it go.

Yet what is the true value of  a better life to you?

How do you put a cost on personal peace of mind and serenity?

How much time and money are you willing to invest?

For me my happiness is priceless.

As I live in the real world too and want to help those who may not be able, or willing, to justify spending a fortune on themselves I aim to keep my costs at an affordable level. (I still have bills to pay!)

However, if money is a challenge for you but you are truly committed to investing time and effort into changing your life then please talk to me.   


Remote Coaching Session

  • Sometimes a single session is all you need, possibly to go over a single issue or to have a catch up on progress.
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