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Be Can Do Life Coaching Prices

As we live in a world based on financial transactions you no doubt want to know my life coaching prices. And if you’ve looked elsewhere you may have found many coaches put a high price on their coaching services.

What Price is Happiness?

What price do you put on your inner peace and happiness? How much time, effort and money are you willing to put into achieving your goals?

The cost of anything does not always reflect its personal value to the individual. Some things in life are priceless, particularly your time. And time wasted can never be recovered. Spending your time unhappy and dissatisfied is just a total loss. Reflecting back in hindsight over mistakes made in the past can never bring that time back.

And then there is the fallacy of sunk cost. When something in your life comes at a high cost to you you treat it with respect as you feel you have more to lose. When you feel you have invested money, time or effort in something and do not want to let it go. This can be why you hold onto unhappy relationships, careers and belief systems.

And then you have those things you take for granted. Often these things take little of our resources. Other people’s time and effort or low-value goods are easy to dismiss if there is a minimal cost to you. If something has little value to you you are more likely to dismiss it.

If coaching helps save your precious time, if it enables you to make the right choices in life then where would you set life coaching prices? 

What is the true value of a better life for you? How do you put a cost on personal peace of mind and serenity? And how much time and money are you willing to invest?

For me my happiness is priceless. What is it to you?

It is likely you have no answer to this. The question is can you afford not to change your life?

When I started coaching I wanted to help those that need it. And not everyone has a lot of spare cash to invest in themselves. I, therefore, strive to set affordable life coaching prices. But I also do not want to undervalue the benefit of coaching. Or let you think you are not getting my best.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

And then there is the question about how many sessions you will need. This is difficult to define. You may want to work through some specific issue over a few months or even work with me on a weekly basis. Your commitment to action will give you the best results. I am just your guide to help you get to your results faster than on your own. The package below is an example. We can discuss your needs and work out something that is best for you.

And please, if money is a challenge for you but you are truly committed to investing time and effort into changing your life then talk to me. If it is time to change your life and you really want it then let’s work together to get you where you want to be.


Remote Coaching Session

  • Sometimes a single session is all you need, possibly to go over a single issue or to have a catch up on progress.

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