Life Satisfaction Scale

The life satisfaction scale is a way to get a more balanced view of how happy you are with different areas of your life.

How often have you found yourself saying ‘my life sucks’,  ‘I can’t stand my job’ or ‘my family drive me crazy’?

It is much healthier to try to get a more balanced view, by considering all areas of your life and evaluating how happy or unhappy you are with each one.

Once you have this information you can then consider what you would like your life to be like, set yourself some goals and take steps to make things better, rather than moaning about your lot and waiting for things to happen to you!

Life Satisfaction Scale Example

One example of a life satisfaction scale is to think about all areas of your life on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is really dissatisfied and 10 is totally satisfied. You can create this as a simple graph  with one axis labelled 1 to 10, the other you will label with the defined areas of your life.

The way you divide your life is up to you as some areas may not be relevant or important to you. Categories you can include are:  family, friends, close relationship, work, wealth, health, personal environment, community, status, social life and spirituality.

You may want to include other areas in your life satisfaction scale – it is entirely up to you. Think hard about what is in your life and what may be missing – it is very easy to overlook something if it is an area we have neglected for a long time. For example, you may have loved sport or crafts when you were younger but with life pressures the time given to this has diminished or disappeared, but it is an area you would like to bring back.

Once you have created and completed your life satisfaction scale you will have a much more realistic view of your whole life. Yes, some areas may be terrible, but hopefully you will become aware of other areas where life is pretty good. And if your life really ‘sucks’? Well – you have a fantastic opportunity to make things better.

Sample life satisfaction scale.

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