Low Self Esteem

If you know or suspect that you suffer from low self esteem you will need to overcome this if you are to move your life forward.

Overcoming low self esteem can be very difficult, especially if have had a low opinion of yourself for a long time, maybe even since you were a child.

What Is Low Self Esteem?

However it is important to understand the difference between confidence and esteem as although often related, they are two very different things. Self confidence is all about your belief in your ability to do things. Self esteem, however, is your belief in yourself as a person. It is about the value you put on yourself as a human being.

It is possible to be a confident person and to have low esteem, even if only in some areas, such as, someone confident in a work environment may feel bad about their physical appearance.

Likewise someone with reasonable self esteem can lack confidence at times. For example, I am not confident in my ability to fly a plane. I’ve never had any lessons, I know nothing about flying aircraft so it would be silly of me to say that I could.

If I had low self esteem as well I may add comments such as “I’m too stupid to learn to fly a plane. I’m just an idiot.” Yet with a healthy belief in myself I recognise that with the right amount of education and training I am able to learn to pilot an aircraft. I may take a little longer than some people if my talents don’t lie in that direction, but that is not a problem, just a fact and it does not worry me.

Building Self Esteem

Self esteem rests deep within your psyche so your self belief  will be firmly held and difficult to shake.

You can change your low self esteem if you are willing to work at it. You will need to be ready to change, or at least suspend, part of your view of reality. This may sound scary but you need to be aware that your current view of yourself is unfair and biased negatively towards you so this change is just to create a more balanced view.

Self esteem will be improved primarily by developing a better opinion of yourself. Learning to shut out the inner saboteur is the key to gaining a balanced view of yourself. This inner saboteur is the voice that puts you down all the time, it is how you are your own worst enemy.

This may seem hard and will take time, especially if you have convinced yourself of your low value for some time. However if you refuse to listen to that negative voice, replacing it with a more balanced and positive viewpoint, your opinion will change in the same way it became negative to start with.

Sometimes overcoming low self-worth seems impossible. As low self esteem is so deeply embedded in your psyche and requires you to change your thought patterns you may want to consider hypnotherapy as a safe and effective way to work through the blocks you may have and to boost your self esteem. It is even an excellent tool if your esteem is so low that you hate yourself. If you worry that hypnotherapy might be dangerous or make you do things against your will you can relax, hypnotherapy is very safe and does not make you do strange things. It is more to do with accessing your subconscious when you are in a relaxed state of mind. The state of mind you go into is not dissimilar to the auto pilot you can go into when driving or how you feel when you get ‘lost’ in a good book or a film.

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