Opportunities – When Life Gives You Lemons

You are likely to have heard the expression “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”. The last few years have been pretty tough for most people and the media would have us understand that 2013 will continue in the same vein.

What can you do to keep smiling through the difficulties and the constant financial squeezing that so many of us are having to endure? What if you feel that life is just treating you badly?

Although it may seem hard, it is important to try to take a step back and look at the picture of your life. Unless you are in your teens (I wish), then you should be able to remember when the economy was in a healthier state. The financial markets have followed cycles and are likely to settle down, eventually. You are also likely to remember that when life and income was plentiful everyone expected it to stay that way forever too.

Perhaps you just have a negative view on your life – seeing all the bad stuff and not focussing on the good.  It may be that life at present is throwing you a lot of lemons.

Whatever your situation consider each lemon a glorious, sharp, bright yellow opportunity. The more you have, the better your chance of making something good, your lemonade.

Lemonade needs more than lemons. It takes a little time and effort to convert into from fruit to something people want. You also need to source sugar and water – you add the sugar with your reserves of optimism (you may need to dig a little for this) and water is the effort you put into making your ideas flow. To get the flavour right you need to get the mix right too, so do your homework and learn from other people’s experience.

And finally – remember lemons do go off eventually – so seize your opportunities and make them work while they are fresh. Lets take those lemons and make lemonade!


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