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Knowing and understanding your personal values will help you know yourself better. By spending some time considering what values you uphold and admire in yourself or others,  you will gain further useful insight into yourself.

You can use this knowledge to analyse why you are more satisfied in some areas of your life than others. This information, along with your priorities and how you currently balance your life will help towards completing the picture of you and your life today.

Using the Personal Values List

To help you refine your personal values list download and print a copy of the Personal Values List of Words . The objective is to pick two or three main personal values.

The easiest way to approach this task is to eliminate those words that mean nothing to do or to pick all those that mean something. You may prefer to just work with the printed sheet and a pen, or you may like to cut up the personal values list to allow you to arrange individual words into piles, selecting  and rejecting appropriately.

You then continue to refine your choices until you are left with two or three.

You can do this quickly, working through the words intuitively. Alternatively you may prefer to take a little time and play around with your choices, taking a few minutes over several days, noting if your choices alter as your mood changes.

Whatever method you use try to spend some time thinking about what each word means to you and feel free to amend the list, adding your own additional personal values that hold special meaning for you.

Once you have defined your personal values list you can think about how this relates with your life. Are you living true to these values? Do your priorities and goals reflect these personal values?

What are your priorities?

Have you set SMART goals?

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