Quick Self-Confidence Test

Here’s a quick self-confidence test for you to have a little fun with. You can think about your approach to situations that many people struggle to feel confident in. Where do you lose your cool? What sets you off? You can relax as you are not alone!

Confidence is all about your attitude towards your ability to do things. Understanding your fear of new situations or activities is the first step in overcoming these feelings. It is perfectly normal to worry when trying something new. This is nature’s way of protecting you from harm. Fear helps us consider our actions before taking unnecessary risks and potentially harming ourselves.

Each of the following five questions represents 5 typical scenarios that people react to differently, but are all the classic areas that people are most worried about when it comes down to self-confidence.

The good thing about self-confidence is that it is actually pretty easy to improve. Overcoming your fears, through practice, rehearsal or exposure to the difficult situation will help ease the emotional response. Understanding your feelings also helps. Rationalising and thinking things through also eases the process.

Self Confidence vs Self Esteem?

Self-confidence and self-esteem are often considered as the same thing. They are not. Self-esteem is the value you put on yourself. It is about your self-worth. Self-confidence is to do with how you relate to the world in an active way. It is about your response to others and situations.

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