Ready to Change?

Are you ready to change or have you tried to change and somehow or other slipped back into old habits?

Having the wish to succeed is not enough. Change takes a lot of hard work. You need to make sure you have an attitude or belief in your potential success. You must see how the benefits of your efforts will outweigh the disadvantages of not changing.  Then you have to get on and take action, accepting occasional lapses and patiently moving forwards.

Are You Ready To Change?

Do you truly want to change? Shifting old habits is scary. We become comfortable with our behaviours, our routines and the environment that surrounds our habitual behaviours. I enjoy socialising with tea and cake, yet many slices of cake are not helping my figure. If I commit to stopping eating cake does that mean I will have to cut back on my socialising?

Situations or routines that reinforce bad habits may need to be changed. For a higher chance of success you need to consider making replacements or altering your environment or other factors that stop you from kicking your bad habit or making your healthier choices.

Visualising your future self after you have succeeded in your goal is a powerful way to get focus and increase your self belief in your ability. Tie this in with a clear understanding of a list of pros that outweigh your cons and you are well on  the way to success. Be honest with yourself and take time preparing before you take action. If your heart is not in it yet you are not likely to succeed.

If you know it is going to be hard to stay the course once you start taking action, then enlist the help of a friend or someone or something external, such as a programme, a coach, dietician, personal trainer or therapist; this depends on you and the habit you need to overcome.

Whatever your issue if you are committed and ready to change, if you prepare yourself well and take action you can succeed.

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