Recession: Can You Still Improve Your Life?

Everyone is fed up with talking about the recession. It has been about survival for many, not about how to to improve your life.

The recession has been rather like an unpleasant relative that has come to stay, eating all the food, distracting us from what needs to be done, making a mess and giving us extra work to do, constantly draining us of energy.

To start with everyone was quite distressed with the situation. This turned into despondency when it appeared that the stay was going to go on longer than anticipated and now, as we are still plodding along with it, there seems to be a certain air of acceptance, of teeth gritting and getting by.

The recession is no longer news. It has now become a long term and unwelcome guest in our lives. This does not mean that we should resort to negative thinking, of giving up on our personal improvement. In fact, the recession can be seen as an opportunity to rethink our priorities, our behaviours and our goals.

Another way to look at the recession is to see it as a way of spring cleaning our lives. Lowering incomes, redundancies, higher costs of living means that our personal resources have diminished. Everyone has to cut back. This in turn means that your life can become simplified.

Once you are pushed into this simpler life you can rethink your priorities and your goals. Are the same things as important to you as they were five years ago? Do you still want the same things? Are your goals still realistic? Many long term goals set during the boom times of the 1990s are just no longer feasible. In the same way a lot of material things that seemed so important are longer as high priority.

Once you have your realigned plan for living through the recession you can consider how to improve your life going forward. These new goals and priorities provide the basis for your new plan of action. This new improved you can be leaner and more focussed. It is an opportunity to learn and grow, possibly more so than during times of plenty.

So, although the word recession implies slipping backwards for you this can be your time to improve your life, to move forward and grow.


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