Resolution Failure?

resolution failure - piece of cake

As we head to the end of March we say goodbye to the end of the first quarter of 2013. Do you remember January and all those great plans you made for this year? Have you had a resolution failure?

OK, so to call it a resolution failure may be being a bit hard on yourself, or is it actually honest?

Whatever you want to think of your personal lack of success in your new year’s resolutions bear in mind that you are not alone.

According to the University of Stanton in the US only 25% of people get past the first week of their new year resolutions and only 8% are successful in achieving what they set out to do.

Why Resolution Failure?

One reason why you may have had resolution failure is lack of preparation for change. Changing a long-term bad habit will not happen over night. Part of this preparation is gaining awareness of your behaviours or the environment that trigger the habit.

You need to plan, to remove temptation, alter your environment, change routines that lead to the problem. Having a focus on why you are trying to change is also important.

If you are removing a bad habit try to take up something healthy to replace it, to avoid creating a void ready to be filled when temptation beckons.

As long-term change can be slow use reward for when you make progress and if you do slip, withdraw the reward. This helps to reinforce positive behaviour.

As change is hard and takes perseverance and time, consider enlisting the help of a buddy or finding a way to be accountable. This is why diet clubs often work. You know you will be in front of others and there will be no escape from the truth. Personal motivation and determination are great but having a supportive friend or system in place will give you that extra nudge when the going gets tough.

Why not turn around that resolution failure and make it into a success. How about a fresh start for the second quarter of the year? Seize the day and turn your life around now!

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