Self Esteem and Body Image: Photoshopped Celebrities

I often get questions relating to self esteem and body image, particularly relating to how bad someone feels about themselves; all the imperfections that they see in their body, the feeling that others will see them as ugly or worthless.

We are all different, yet share common characteristics. For the majority, we are able bodied and everything is in the right place. Do you find yourself worrying about every little blemish on your face or body, being a few pounds over or under-weight, your height or the skinniness of their arms and legs for example?

Your Self Esteem

Do you look at yourself in the mirror and see lumps and bumps, marks and lines and a mix of skin tones?

Do you wish you could look more like these amazing famous people who just look great all the time?

You can relax as these people are just that, people, like you and me and often the pictures you see have been altered to make them look good for the camera. Is this due to their low self-esteem about their body image or is it  due to their publicist thinking it is bad for their career? Possibly a little of both.

What sort of things get done to these pictures? Well, if you think about all the stuff you may hate about yourself you can be sure their is a photoshopped celebrity picture out there where the same stuff has been made too disappear! Look for the thinned down thighs, the evened out skin tone, the spots, bags and wrinkles that disappear.

You can glance through various colour supplements as well where the press seem to delight in showing celebrities looking bad too. However, in my opinion this is mean and it won’t help you with your self esteem issues as this can reinforce the belief that everyone is judging you too. (They won’t be – people are too self engrossed to care that much about how other people look.)

How can you use this to help you? The first thing is to remember that the media is interested in selling copies of their publications, publicists are interested in making their clients look good, humans are nosy about the rich and famous and love fairy tales and glamour. This stuff won’t go away but you need to start looking at it in a different way.

The images are just that – pictures taken at a point in time, often manipulated to look good (or bad). They bear little relevance to your life and who you are. You are more than just what is seen on the surface and your personality and behaviour is what makes you the human being you are.

So next time you find yourself worrying about your self esteem and body image consider looking for some pictures of photoshopped celebrities to help you see no one is perfect.




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