Self Esteem and Body Image

As my brood all returned to school and I settle down for the second ‘new year’ and a renewed focus on work, my thoughts have turned to self esteem and body image. Why? Well, several weeks of taking it easy, not watching the healthiness of my diet, particularly while away from home has not helped my middle. Negative thoughts quickly come unbidden into my head when I see myself in front of the mirror. I know I need to sort myself out to undo the damage. The issue is getting on with it.

Are you over or under weight? Is your diet poor? Do you do little or no exercise and feel unfit? If these questions push you into a negative place stop and consider all those people who have decided that enough was enough and have turned their lives around. You are not alone and you, like myself, need to bring on those positive thoughts if you are to move yourself forward.

Consider adopting a healthier diet. This does not have to be expensive, focus on a healthy eating plan and look to change bad habits. There are many online tools and mobile apps to help. The key is to be aware of what you are eating, to keep track, recording everything you eat so that you can learn where you are over or under-doing it. These tools often combine a variety of online food diary, calorie counter, suggested meal plans, recipes and shopping lists.

If exercise is a problem think about how you can incorporate more activity into your life. Look for easy and fun ways to get started. If you don’t enjoy it or it is difficult to fit into your lifestyle you will not continue for long.  Remember walking and  vigorous housework all burn calories!

You may prefer the additional support found by being in the company of others. The most obvious example of this is the well respected  WeightWatchers . I know many, ladies mostly, that enjoy their meetings and do really well with this system.

There are many more options out there. If you have an issue with your self esteem and body image then get on and do something about it today.

I’d love to hear from you if you have any other diet and fitness systems you have tried that offer a sensible balanced approach and that have worked for you. Remember your self esteem about your body image is more in your control than you realise.






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