Self Motivation: How To Get Motivated

Understanding self motivation is vital if you are to succeed at anything in life and learn how to get motivated.

Yet somehow this important drive eludes us. Getting motivated is all about finding the inner drive to take action.

You can have everything you need to do something, but if you have no motivation it just won’t happen.

No doubt you have heard the expression ‘You can take a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink’.

So it is with us. We all need compelling reasons to do things in our lives. Survival is the key to a lot of our motivation. We eat and drink when hungry and thirsty; we work to earn money to feed ourselves.

The problem occurs when we have something we would like, or have to do and either it is beyond our current skills and experience, there is something unpleasant about doing it, we are uncertain about the outcome or we have to give up something to do it. Sometimes we know something is wrong in our lives but have no motivation to change as we don’t know where to start.

These things all have two things in common, a battle between reward and discomfort, or pain and pleasure.

Think for a minute about when you have had the self motivation to do something. The reward to be achieved must have outweighed the discomfort and risk involved in going through the process.

Perhaps the process was also a reward in itself. A climber enjoys the risk and the thrill of the climb and knows the pleasure to be felt from achieving their goal. Someone who has an inherent fear of heights would never contemplate this because the pain of the climb and the fears brought on are far greater to that person than the joy of achievement.

Self Motivation

If you need to improve your personal motivation in your life to meet your goals you need to use this principle of fear and reward. You need to consider whether you want to get away from something or work towards something. You need to develop focus.

If you struggle with self motivation on a daily basis consider what may be causing this. Is your life out of balance or overloaded? Are there areas in your life that you are not happy with? Clarifying where there may be a problem will give you a focus on what you are moving away from. Working out what you want out of your life will give you a focus to work towards. Take this motivation test to find out how motivated you are.

Get Motivated

Working out what you want and need in your life through assessment and goal creation will give you motivational focus to move forward. Making empowered decisions about what you no longer want in your life will give the driver to keep pushing yourself forward, clearing and dropping the baggage that has been holding you back.

Add to that belief in your abilities and the confidence to make those changes and you have the full set of tools to improve your life as you want.

Watch for habitual patterns of thought or behaviour that knock your motivation. Be aware of daily routines that allow you to lose your focus. Think about the major time wasters in your life – newspapers, TV or other distractions that you create for yourself.

If your life is cluttered with too much stuff or your time is cluttered with too many commitments clear them out to improve your focus on your goals. Use the de-cluttering information and tools if you need help.

How satisfied are you with your life?

What are your priorities

Set your goals to get your self motivation.

Clear your clutter.

Get more organised.

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