Social Anxiety: How to Talk to People

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Do you struggle with social anxiety and wish you knew how to talk to people with ease? Do you feel panicky when faced with social situations or if you want to ask someone out on a date? Although a certain amount of nerves is normal for many situations do you find yourself avoiding social events or mixing with people because of your fears?

Although as human beings we are naturally social creatures, it is amazing how many people ask for advice on how to talk to people , due to social anxiety. Although they may feel relatively confident in many areas of their lives, there are some situations where totally irrational fears stop them in their tracks. They may be great in their work roles, but socially struggle to strike up a conversation.

Sometimes, the fears are brought on through youth and inexperience. Adolescence brings heightened awareness of ourselves, which can lead to awkwardness. As time passes and experience is gained we often grow out of these uncomfortable feelings.

social anxiety

For some, possibly already shy individuals, or perhaps those with low self esteem, these feelings do not disappear with time, but in fact continue to be a difficult or even life restricting problem.

I often give advice to those struggling with this sort of issue. Explaining the rationale behind self esteem and confidence helps to bring awareness, but it does not go very far in removing the subconscious thought patterns that kick in, overwhelming the individual emotionally and preventing improvements being made.

Some progress can be made using visualisations and learned techniques but to really get to the root of the problem it helps to address where the problem starts from.

One way to help to re-programme the thought patterns is to use hypnosis. This can be through sessions with a hypnotherapist or even just by listening to recordings created by a hypnotist.

If you can relate to the problems above and would like to beat these problems once and for all, Mark Tyrell of Hypnosis Downloads has created a great 10 part course to help you truly understand and overcome your fears, and learn how to talk to people with ease.

To give you an idea of how good this program is, Mark is giving away two complete steps and more in a free book available for download. You will learn how to overcome shyness  and how to start conversations, without spending anything. Also included is a full article on how to read people. The full programme also includes practical exercises, hypnosis material and personal assignments to help you overcome your social anxiety and truly learn how to talk to people.

Download How to Enjoy Talking to People for free now and overcome your social anxiety fears for good.


social anxiety

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