Spring Clean Your Life

Are you thinking about whether to spring clean your home? What about your life?  Aside from having a good sort through, throw out and reorganise of the clutter in your space what about having a think about what is going on in your life that could do with a re-look and possibly a dust down or even be thrown out?

A good place to start a spring clean of your life is with the physical stuff around you. It is hard to become the ‘living in the now’ goddess or god you want to be (you know the picture of the lovely, beautiful people, all sun bronzed in their floaty white linen) if you are still sitting facing the pile of ironing and the basket of forlorn and mismatched socks.

If you have tackled and mastered your home environment have a look at your working environment. Make it easy to work and remove distractions – clear down the filing cabinet, file that pile of papers. That broken lamp – throw it out.

Once you have become master or mistress of your space you can turn to other aspects of your life. Are you struggling with your time? Look for time wasters or activities that you want to drop. What steps do you need to take to get that time back? Send that email to step down from that voluntary position – let someone else have a go.

It also makes sense to have a spring clean of your financial situation. Review telephone and utility suppliers rates, check you are getting the best deals on credit cards, savings and your mortgage.

Are you still happy in your job? Are you fulfilled in what you do? Take a look at yourself and consider if a change would be as good as a rest. Think about how you could change things for the better.

Could your relationship do with a spring clean? Think about making an effort not to take each other for granted as much. Arrange to have some time together. Has your relationship run its course?

What about friends and acquaintances? Do you have any that have outlived their value to the pair of you? Any toxic influences that are holding you back or draining your energy? Decide on a gentle way to disengage from them, either by seeing them less or learning techniques to cope with their damaging influence.

How’s your social life? Has that either disappeared or slid into a rut? What would enliven you at this point in your life? Do you always holiday in the same place or do similar things? Explore your options – try somewhere or something new.

You do not have to make drastic changes but try to look afresh at your life, recognising what is unnecessary, no longer required or even damaging. Spring cleaning is not necessarily about change, but is about freshening and removing the stale dirt that hides the beauty underneath. Sometimes it is about adding a fresh lick of paint to a tired surface. Consider the uplifting feeling that comes with a renewed environment and look for ways to do this in all areas of your life.

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