Taking Responsibility For Your Life And Actions

Are you taking responsibility for your life and actions? Many of us will view ourselves as responsible adults with jobs, businesses, families and financial responsibilities but are we being truly responsible?

Responsibility can be considered as both social responsibility and personal responsibility. Social responsibility is to do with our interaction with society at large. It is the example we set and how we impact the world. The recent awareness of environmental concerns is one key area as well as complying with the laws of the land and our general response to our fellow human beings.

Personal responsibility is more to do with how each of us respond to our situations. Taking responsibility implies a mature approach and actions that back this up. Although responsibility can be defined as how we respond (good or bad) it is normally considered in the positive aspect, with our chosen actions being those that lead to the most beneficial outcome for all involved, but mainly ourselves.

Are we as a society or individuals demonstrating responsibility in our actions and setting an example to others? Are we being true to our values?

Returning to my original question about whether you are taking responsibility for your life and actions consider the following and what you would do:

1. Your child has plenty of toys yet their birthday is coming up and they’ve asked for something that is the latest craze to sweep the playground. You know this will end up thrown in the toy box/cupboard/under the bed after a few weeks.

2. You want to get your child into a good school. You are an atheist or agnostic at best. The best school locally is a faith school.

3. You have just had a health check and discovered your BMI is too high and you need to lose weight and tone up.

4. You are unhappy in your job and know that nothing will change in the next 6 months to a year. What do you do?

5. You have outstanding debts (e.g. credit cards, loans) and your friends have invited you on a last minute holiday for a week.

It is likely that these situations will provoke mixed thoughts. The part of you that wants to take or ignore the problem can be viewed as the irresponsible aspect of your personality. Of course, you can argue that ‘life is too short’ or ‘other factors need to be taken into consideration’ and I would agree to some aspect. These excuses and this behaviour is often a little like a toddler stamping its feet and making its demands felt. The problem is no-one wants to admit to this behaviour and it is all far to easy to come up with excuses for yourself.

To finish on a more positive note consider how you feel when  taking responsibility for your life and actions. you can feel self-righteous but you are more likely to feel at peace with yourself and your decision. It may be uncomfortable and possibly scary but in your heart you will know you are doing the right thing.



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