Understand Yourself Through Personality Tests

If you want to understand yourself then a good personality test is a great way of starting on your personal development journey. By discovering your personality profile and what makes you ‘tick’ you can start to see where you are not achieving your full potential and where you may be holding yourself back.

It is very hard to change anything until you know what you are faced with. In the same way that you would not start on a  journey without a route plan or map, how do you know where you are going or what you are facing without having a complete picture of the terrain that makes up you? You may believe you know yourself well but if that is the case why is it that change is hard? Just some food for thought!

There are many choices of personality tests available, often with different purposes in mind. Some are geared towards defining your working style, others will give an overall character assessment of who you are and help you make your choices in life.

The personality quizzes listed below are a sample what is available and represent some of the most popular and informative forms of personality tests available based on  current psychological profiling.

By reading through the information below you can choose which test appeals to you and your current needs, and fits your budget.

Please note that I am not responsible for availability of, or consequences resulting from use of any of the profiling products below (not that anything ‘bad’ can happen other than greater self-awareness!).

Disc Profiling

Disc profiling is often used for revealing detailed information about how you prefer to work. By understanding the different major personality styles you can learn not only about yourself but how other people tick and how you can relate to them to get the best from them.

Find out more about how a Disc personality test can help you understand in-depth your working style but also how you approach life outside work in comparison to other people.

Career Planning and Your Personality

This Free Personality Test is known as the Robinson-Shur Type Indicator™ (RSTI™) and will identify your four-letter Jungian Personality Type.

The nice thing with this test is that you can skip questions and if your scores for two or more Types are close, we will show you those Types and let you decide. If this test cannot figure out your Type, it will tell you so. This test comprises 84 questions and takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Be Honest and Understand Yourself Better

Whatever personality test you choose bear in mind that although your results will give a good overall personality profile this may be affected by your current mood, circumstances and environment. Check the individual instructions and make sure you have enough time and then complete as honestly as you can to be sure you can truly understand yourself.

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