Why Self-Awareness Counts

How good is your self-awareness and does it actually matter? If you find yourself unhappy or discontented with aspects of your life and your relationships, successful change will only be possible if you have a good grasp on who you are.

Even if you work on your own personal development it is likely that there will be aspects of your self and your behaviours that you will either not be aware of or just choose to ignore. Sometimes people may even mention these little quirks to you and you will find that you don’t hear them, think they are imagining it, are just wrong or being especially critical.

Whether intentionally ignored or not lack of self-awareness is a sure way for you to stay stuck in your attempts to improve your life.

Improve Your Self-Awareness

You can try to increase your self-awareness through a variety of means. At first working on your own, through the use of personality tests and reflective journalling will allow you to build up a picture of who you are and your approach to life.

These methods won’t point out your blind spots though. Enlisting the help of others will help you see those things you just are not aware of or don’t want to accept.

You can ask for feedback from those closest to you – although bear in mind that this may be delivered in a style you do not like. Co-workers, employees, clients and your boss can all give to this process. Think about how you can gather the information most suited to the person, such as, with clients you would use customer feedback forms.

For more personal or less tangible issues that trouble you, consider working with a professional such as a life coach, a therapist or a counsellor. By helping you unravel your thoughts they will increase your self-awareness and uncover what is holding you back from a successful change in your life.

Further information:

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